Pre wedding Couple Shoot Poses

Hire a pre wedding photographer in kanpur for pre wedding photography in kanpur these are now trending and everyone wishes to have those shots in his or her heirloom . Are you wondered if you can nail couple poses without looking out awkwardly? First of all don’t be afraid of the camera! During the pre wedding photography, you are telling the story of your love. Best couple poses are one that feels natural to both of you and let you emotions shine through. Now let us see the best pre wedding couple shoot poses always ask you pre wedding photographer in kanpur to use these poses


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Thrilling Pre wedding couple Poses

  1. First Look: Don’t miss out the first look the groom has on the bride in her dress. If possible shot this in a very calm and quiet atmosphere.
  2. Follow Me To: This is one of the best and beautiful pre wedding photography shoot. You can hold your partner’s hand and lead him or her on next adventure. The naturality of the action takes away the posed quality of the photo.
  3. Head on Shoulder, holding his arms: One of the most suitable postings is resting your head on partner’s shoulder and holding his arm. During the pose, take a moment to remember your first date or another sweet memory, so that the emotions come through the expression.
  4. Playing the guitar together: If you are a musician or even if you are not a musician, carry a musical instrument to the pre-wedding photo shoot in kanpur. Sit with your arms around each other and with the guitar. Lean towards your partner while playing the notes.
  5. Holding hands: Holding the hands is most natural couple poses that you should try during the pre-wedding shoot.
  6. Taking a stroll: Natural movement of taking a stroll together removes the awkwardness from the photos. Just forget about the camera and enjoy each other’s company.
  7. Photo frame: Another great pop is a photo frame. Have the couple hold the frame together and capture shots from different angles. Also, make use of windows or other structures in the vicinity as a frame for the photo.
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Best And Beautiful Pre wedding Couple Shoot

  • The shoulder Rest: Ask the bride to rest on the shoulder of the groom. While taking a wide-angle shot, make sure you get a nice photo or if you take a close up, soften the look of shot with back lighting.
  • Typography Prop: Typography prop is a quick and easy way to take unique photos for pre wedding photography in kanpur. Try out different poses and angles to find a fun look and to make it even more creative styles.
  • Wide angle drama: For a dramatic shot, take the couple out to the woods or a field and let them hold their hands when you take a wide-angle shot. Ask couples to talk to each other and this will create a natural and free look.
  • Hands on his chest: Bride can lean into his arm and rest your hand on his chest for an intimate couple pose.
  • Blindfolded by her: To make the shoot fun and special, have the bride cover the groom’s eyes before the big reveal. This is a great pose to begin the shoot, so you can create the story from the subsequent shots.
  • Include beautiful locations, gardens, beaches: If you are confident – go to outdoors and select popular locations like marketplaces, tourists spots, public gardens etc.
  • Couples V/s Family & Friends: It is great to have a romantic portrait session and sometimes more fun when family and friends are included. Make sure to have a planning for the shot. Tell friends and families to have a dress code and to have fun. Family photography is also thrilling and beautiful while pre wedding photography in kanpur so you can ask your pre wedding photographer in kanpur for it.
  • Traffic in love and love in the taxi: Even though the whistle is blown, traffic police is unable to control the love traffic between the couple. The vibrant yellow color of the taxi gives naughty picture so much charm. Try this poses as it adds more fun to the album.

Thus, it is sure that you get an idea on the different pre wedding couple shoot poses. Try out these and make your pre wedding a worth memorable one.